KETs advancing Sustainable Innovations in Bioenergies and biobased chemicals

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

This session will explore pioneering technologies (biotechnologies, chemistryl and thermochemistry) to produce biofuel, SAFs and renewable chemicals and additives from biomass.


Meaghan Seagrave
Executive Director | Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC)
IBN-SPK, a new technology to produce sustainable aviation fuel
Marc Delcourt
CEO | Global Bioenergies
Renewable Chemicals from Biodiesel: VerBioChem provides C10 medium chain
chemicals to the market starting 2025
Andreas Kohl
Head of Specialty Chemicals and Catalysts | VerBioChem
Biotechnological approach for phosphate recovery from deoiled seeds and bran
Patrick Lenz
Postdoctoral Researcher | Aachen University
ZEBRA-LIFE: Zero Emission Biochemical and Renewable Additives
Miriam Romero
Project Manager | Inveniam Group
Futurol®: a bankable technology for advanced ethanol & sugars production.
Emilia Knospe
Alternative Fuels Technical Proposal Engineer | Axens
Suzano´s Journey on BioBased Products Renewing Life Inspired by Trees
Selma Jaconis
New Business Manager | Suzano
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