KETs Pioneering Cosmetics and Healthcare Ingredient Production

4:05 PM - 5:40 PM

Recent advancements in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are redefining the production of cosmetics and healthcare ingredients. Industry experts will delve into the intricate science and technology behind these Innovations. Discover how KETs are driving the development of highly specialized ingredients for cosmetics and healthcare applications. This session offers a unique glimpse into the future of technology-driven innovation in these sectors, providing valuable insights into the latest breakthroughs and methodologies.

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Fabien Deswarte
Head of Strategic Partnerships for Sustainability Group | L'Oréal
Extractives for add value to forest resource: a Quebec case study
Nathalie Bourdeau
Researcher | Innofibre
Enzymes and membranes based innovative processes for synthesis of biobased esters
Winnie Dejonghe
R&D Project Manager | VITO
Bioinspired processes to obtain cosmetic active ingredients from microorganisms
Laurie Verzeaux
Scientific communication | Silab
WASTE2FUNC: Lactic acid and biosurfactants sourced from sustainable agricultural and
industrial (food) WASTE feedstocks as novel FUNCtional ingredients for consumer products
Sofie Lodens
Project Acquisition Coordinator | Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
Beyond Traditional Extraction Methods: Innovation for Caffeoylquinic Acids Extraction from Forced Chicory Roots
Etienne Diemer
Researcher | UTC
Samabriva’s precision biomanufacturing platform – Industrializing hairy root-based expression system for a sustainable and local production of natural substances.
Florian Cardon
Chief Business Officer | Samabriva
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