Navigating the Intersection: Scaling-Up and Financing Bioeconomy Technologies

10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

The session will unlock the secrets to overcoming technical obstacles while securing the necessary financial backing in the rapidly evolving bioeconomy landscape. Whether you’re an investor seeking promising opportunities or a tech enthusiast passionate about sustainable solutions, gain insights into the intersection of innovation and industry, learn how to navigate technical and financial obstacles effectively and discover the art of scaling up bioeconomy technologies.
Sponsored by

Chairman & Keynote Session introduction

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore
Executive Director | CBE-JU

Sponsor's speech

Guillaume Lamy
Commercial Director | ARD

Keynote speaker

Sylvie Lemoine
Deputy Director General | CEFIC

Keynote speaker

Nelson Barton
Chief Technology Officer | Geno

Round Table

Guillaume Lamy
Commercial Director | ARD
Michael Brandkamp
General Partner | ECBF
Christian Patermann Former Director EU Commission and Advisor to the German Government on bio-economy matters
Hendrik Waegeman
Head of Business Operations | BBEUPP
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