KETs unveiling innovations in purification

2:00 PM - 3:35 PM

This session will unveil sustainable purification in Bioeconomy KETs with innovations in circularity, renewable biorefineries, and groundbreaking molecule isolation. We will explore applications of electrodialysis and chromatography and centrifugal partition chromatography, with digital solutions for enhanced performance and cost management in purification processes.

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Steven Dewulf
Company Owner and General Manager | Indusfilter
Exploring the future of GEA’s Sustainable Purification Technologies : Circularity, Renewable Biorefineries and Innovation
Tore Hartmann
Senior Product Manager Chemicals and Minerals | GEA
Icrosimma: A new way to isolate and concentrate molecules of interests from a complex mix
Emilie Bourgeois
Investment Project Manager in Agrosciences, Natural Resources, Environment | SAYENS (ex-SATT Grand Est)
Application of electrodialysis and chromatography to the conversion and purification of organic acids: Example of lactic acid
Marie Chauve
R&D Manager | Eurodia
A walk through key technologies in downstream processing
João André
Business Development Manager | Kovalus Separation Solutions
Production scale centrifugal partition chromatography: Instrumentation, sustainable
solvent system and purification of biosourced molecules.
Thomas Michel
Laboratory Manager & PhD in analytical chemistry/phytochemistry | Gilson
Optimizing purifications: how digital solutions boost production performance and transform operating costs management
Cédric Prieur
Digital Project Manager | Applexion
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