KETs transforming Bioprocess Design & Optimization Excellence

2:00 PM - 3:35 PM

The major challenge of bioprocesses is to secure economic feasibility, this session will address new technologies such as process control (Artificial intelligence, optimized process control instruments, sensors, etc…), innovative equipments (Bioreactors, mixing equipments, etc…) to improve the efficiency of conventional processes, to optimize main production such as enzymatic conversion, fermentation, to maximize yield and to improve product quality.
Audrey Magnin
Innovation Manager, Biobased molecules and related processes | B4C
Real Time, in-situ Spectral Analysis for bioprocesses monitoring and optimization.
Noémie Caillol
Expert in spectral analysis and chemometrics | Axel'One
Leveraging native fluorescence and artificial intelligence to track metabolic chemodynamics in fermentation and cell cultures to facilitate monitoring, control, and improvement of performance
Joël Sirois
President & CEO | BioIntelligence
Host Finder: an automated pipeline to find robust microbial hosts
Caroline Ranquet
Advanced Research manager | BGene
Improving industrial in-line measurements by the application of well-controlled
ultrasonic fields – application examples in selected bioprocesses
Stefan Radel
Managing Partner | UsePAT
Feedback loops between simulation and research in the techno-economic assessment
of a new fermentation technology
Jorge Benavides
Innovation Engineer | Consorzio Italbiotec
Multi parameter sensors and dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor pills for shake flasks: removing black boxes for improved bioprocess development
Julius Muno
Senior Account Manager | SBI - Scientific Bioprocessing
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