How is the Fribourg region (Switzerland) contributing to the development of an exemplary bioeconomy ecosystem?

4:05 PM – 5:40 PM

The bioeconomy is a vital sector in the Swiss canton of Fribourg. This workshop will provide an overview of the public and private initiatives that are fostering business growth in the region. Firstly, the framework conditions will be presented through 3 short contributions, including a presentation of a research institute in applied chemistry and a presentation of support for start-ups. Then, 3 entrepreneurs’ testimonials will illustrate the opportunities and challenges that accompany innovation in the sector. Finally, the last part will be dedicated to questions and exchanges with participants.
The Swiss canton of Fribourg, a territory of 335,000 inhabitants straddling the French-German linguistic border, boasts expertise in the agricultural sector, the agri-food industry, the production of biobased and biotechnological products. This sector generates sales of over 4 billion Swiss francs (29% of the canton’s GDP) and accounts for 33,000 jobs (28% of the canton’s total employment).
Companies based in the canton enjoy a favorable ecosystem for the development of their bio-economic activities, thanks to easy access to numerous resources, such as:
  • applied research institutes in the fields of chemistry, new building techniques and nanomaterials
  • competency centers in the fields of biotechnology, the habitat of the future and plastics processing
  • sector clusters in food-techs, construction and polymers
  • innovation campuses in both urban and rural areas
  • targeted support according to project or growth phase
  • a favorable legal framework to support innovation
Since 2019, support for bio-economic activities has emerged as a strategic priority for the Fribourg government’s economic promotion. To confirm the region’s leading position in bio-economic innovation, significant resources are being deployed to encourage the development of this business sector. In addition, the “Assises de la bioéconomie” (Bioeconomy Conference) is already scheduled for autumn 2024.
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4:00 PM - 4:15 PM


Presentation of the canton of Fribourg's initiatives to promote the growth of the bioeconomy
Jerry Krattiger
Managing Director | PromFR
4:20 PM - 4:30 PM

ChemTech Institute: applied chemistry for industry

Presentation and illustration through work carried out with Bloom Biorenewables SA (biobased products)
Christophe Allemann
Head of the ChemTech Institute
Roger Marti
Professor HEIA-FRO
4:35 PM - 4:45 PM

FriUp: support for entrepreneurs

Presentation of business consulting and support services for start ups
Yann Steulet
FriUp Director
4:50 PM - 5:00 PM

Cormo SA

Expansion of R&D activities in the canton of Fribourg and cooperation with the ChemTech Institute
Stefan Grass
CEO Cormo SA
5:05 PM - 5:15 PM

Algaltek Sàrl

Set up in a rural innovation campus dedicated to the agrifood sector and biomass valorization, development of microalgae crops by optimizing solar energy and using supercritical CO2
Sonia Grimm
CEO Algaltek Sàrl
Eya Damergi
CTO Algaltek Sàrl
5:20 PM - 5:30 PM

Seprify SA

Establishment in an urban innovation campus, development of a business transforming cellulose into biobased products
Lukas Schertel
CEO Seprify SA
5:30 PM - 5:40 PM


Questions and discussion with participants
Jerry Krattiger
Managing Director | PromFR
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