Scale-up biomass valorization & biorefineries in the European context

4:05 PM – 5:40 PM

De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) support the development of companies active as bio-refineries at different technology readiness levels.
Thanks to our agro- and bio-industrial experience, we help them to de-risk their investment decision (FEL1/2/3) or project execution (EPCM/EP+CM/EPC).
In any step, DSEC integrates their process or the technology from a licensor in the overall design in order to deliver a plant allowing them to demonstrate their performances.
Engaged at different stage of process maturity, FIBENOL, TripleW, BLOOM and CIRCA will bring their testimonial on their project progress and development.
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Introduction and Presentation of DSEC

Raphael Hannoir
Business Development Manager | De Smet Engineers & Contractors

Bloom's journey from proof of concept to a first of a kind bio-refinery

Florent Heroguel
Co-CEO and Co-founder | BLOOM Biorenewables

Levoglucosenone at scale. Circa’s journey to develop products and markets

Alessandro Napoli
Vice President Product Development | CIRCA

Circulac, refined from food waste

Maarten Campman
President of Manufacturing | TripleW

What They Don’t Tell You When Commissioning a Unique Biorefinery

Uku Erik Tropp
Process Development Manager | FIBENOL
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