Revolutionizing Markets through Fermentation

11:00 AM – 13:00 PM

Venture into the realm of precision fermentation and cultivated cells at the convergence of science and market-driven technology, where we explore how these technologies are reshaping industries and addressing evolving markets. From traditional cell fermentation techniques to cutting-edge precision methodologies, uncover the ways in which these processes are revolutionizing various markets, from biotechnology and agriculture to food production and beyond. Experts will shed light on the latest innovations and applications, revealing the potential of precision fermentation to address market demands and drive innovation.
Sponsored by

Chairman & Keynote Session introduction

Bouke de Jong

Sponsor's speech

Gilles Trystram
General Director | Genopole

Keynote speaker

Maya Bendifallah
Co-founder & CSO | Nutropy

Keynote speaker

Kevin Verstrepend
Director and Professor | KU Leuven

Round Table

Alexis Rannou
Head of Operations Strategy | Givaudan
Simon Trancart
Head of Adaptive Laboratory Evolution | Gingko Bioworks, Inc
Simão Soares
CEO & Co-founder | Silicolife
Pierre Calleja
Founder | SYKLEA
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